I describe Technobiophilia as love and incorporation of technology and biology in our lives. What was that librarian thinking of when he said that he was “surfing” the internet? Maybe a beach? Also, when I think about the many video games that have outstanding elements of nature attached to them, I justify that as an example. The carefully constructed, nature-themed Apple Campus is also an example of technobiophilia.  E. O. Wilson (as quoted by Sue Thomas) defines biophilia as “the innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes”. Thus, people who appreciate life in such manner are concerned about the sustainability of life in many ways so as to continue to experience biophilia. Such people may participate in citizen journalism by informing authority of harmful obstacles to nature or encouraging good practices that help nature. Technobiophilia also makes us bring to life aspects of nature we have not experienced.

I love the scenery nature creates; flowing water, dancing leaves, whistling winds, etc. I love to be caught in a trance of appreciation for the things around me because it helps me think very critically. It is no doubt that I keep nature close to me; on my devices. My wallpapers and photo gallery are loaded with pictures of nature. This is one way #metaliteracy plays a significant part in my life.


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