What metaliteracy means to me- A new student’s perspective.

      The century we live in is characterized with unending innovations in technology, which has both sides of the coin. With one side establishing fear of scam, duping practices and less or no privacy, some people are disappointed in the “technology age”. However, with introduction to an advanced synthetic tool in this digital age known as metaliteracy, the positive image on the other side of the coin in technology is inclined to stay in our minds more often. As a new student in metaliteracy, I am yet to explore the depth and understand metaliteracy, its elements, usage and outputs more. I see metaliteracy as a combination of traditional tools for identifying and managing information with contemporary resources in technology in order to foster understanding of viable information; and also the interconnections of information from different media over time with its learners.
      We live in a generation where virtual communication is most common. The internet is an amazing source of information. The implementation of the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is an approach that would benefit many of its learners because it incorporates the “normal” and fun ways of communication and learning, thus through video, audio and text to help students achieve the seven pillars of information literacy, which include gathering and presentation of information. Also, it allows for unlimited number of participants all around the world to experience the convenience of getting information. I am looking forward to using tools of metaliteracy to broaden my understanding of the world around me: in my college life, spiritual life, social life and moral life.